Theatre Teaching Endorsement Work Group

PA Theatre Endorsement as approved by the PA Department of Education - May 2015

RESOURCE: Sample coursework at area institutes of higher education:
Millersville ELA Major
Millersville Communications Major
Harrisburg Area Community College Theatre/Communications Degree
DeSalles Theatre Education/Communications Major
DeSalles Acting or Directing Major
Adelphi Masters of Theatre Arts
NYU Theatre Education Degree Requirements (English Language Arts/Theatre)
PSU General Theatre Studies
PSU BA Theatre Performance
PSU Secondary English & Communications
Westminster Communication Studies and ELS
Westminster Theatre
University of Pittsburgh- Theatre
Elizabethtown College - BA Theatre
Elizabethtown College - English Secondary Education
Elizabethtown College - Communications
February 20th - March 15th
Responding to Survey: Gene Frank, Cory Wilkerson, Terri Mastrobuono, Joel Gori, Jill Campbell, Tom Stratton, Barry Kornhauser, Kristen Wolanin, Laura Ferguson, Mark Zortman, Deborah Klose, Kellee Van Aken, Melissa Mintzer, Lisa Weitzman, Robert Smith
Groups are formed
Draft domains of knowledge identified
Group survey utilized to collect input and finalize domains
Click here to view the survey resultsResource: Autism Spectrum Endorsement Example

Domains of Knowledge Sub Committees Set up:

Play Creation and Analysis: Cory Wilkerson, Arts Consultant, Lead, Palmyra, PA – Elem, Barry Kornhauser, Millersville University, Millersville, PA, Higher Ed, Terri Mastrobuono, Elizabethtown University, Elizabethtown, PA, Higher Ed, Joel Gori, Yocum Arts Institute, Reading, PA,Elem, Jennifer Bronder South Butler School District, HS, Tom Stratton, Cabrini College

Acting, Directing and Production: Gene Frank, Lead – American Alliance for Theatre & Education, Norristown Educational Theatre, Norristown, PA and Cambrini College, HE, - Jill Campbell, State College High School, HS, Mark Stutz, Parkland Area School District, HS, Laura Ferguson, Pittsburgh Propel Charter School, elem

Theatre History & Cultural Context: Kellee Van Aken, Seton Hill University, Pittsburg area, Lead – Higher Ed, Kristin Wolanin, Lancaster Country Day School, HS, Lisa Weitzman, Capital Area School for the Arts, Harrisburg, PA, HS, Laurie Miller Petersen, Hershey Area Playhouse Theatre Academy, Elem

Technical Theatre & Design: Mark Zortman, Lead, PA Thespians/EdTA, Central York School District – HS, Robert Smith, Kutztown University, Higher Ed, Melissa Mintzer, Penn Manor High School, HS, Deborah Klose, Philadelphia Area School District, HS, Bob McCleary, DreamWrights Theatre, York, PA - Elem

Large Group Meeting - March 15, 2015 - WebEx Meeting
Attending: Gene Frank, Cory Wilkerson, Mark Stutz, Deborah Klose, Barry Kornhauser, Mark Zortman, Kellee Van Aken, Tom Stratton, Laura Ferguson, Kristen Wolanin, Robert Smith, Lisa Weitzman
Agenda: Review history of the endorsement
Introduction to the work: what is an endorsement, how is it different than certification?
who can get an endorsement?
Share autism spectrum model
Review results of survey and finalize domains of knowledge
Assign sub groups and choose group leaders
Next Steps

March 15th - March 30th - Sub Group collaborative work on competencies
Work in process on google docs- input received from all group members
First competency drafts below:
Play Creation, Production and Analysis
Acting, Directing and Pedagogy
Theatre History and Cultural Context
Technical Theatre and Design

Large Group Meeting - March 29, 2015
Attending live: Gene Frank, Cory Wilkerson, Jennifer Bronder, Kristen Wolanin, Melissa Mintzer, Laurie Miller Petersen, Barry Kornhauser, Tom Stratton, Deborah Klose, Kellee Van Aiken, Dave Deitz,
Agenda: Share drafts to date to fine tune:
do you notice any overlap? do you want to add to your group work? cut off noon 3-30-15
Discuss practicum (field experiences)
how much? where can this happen?
Walk through agenda for March 31st

Large Group face to face Meeting - Harrisburg, PA March 31st, 2015
Attending: Gene Frank, Cory Wilkerson, Dave Deitz, Jennifer Bronder, Kristen Wolanin, Laurie Miller Petersen, Barry Kornhauser, Tom Stratton, Deborah Klose, Melissa Mintzer, Mark Zortman, Jill Campbell
Chuck Guilding from the Department of Education, representing Dr. Christina Baumer, discussed the definition of an endorsement and answered questions. Small groups were formed by grade level taught, and each small group reviewed the first draft of the endorsement looking for any possible changes needed to be certain their grade levels were represented. After report out, the small groups reformed by Domain sub committee and reviewed the draft again against representative college coursework to be certain that the competencies could be met within typical college requirements. The groups reported out and any needed program changes were noted for edits to the draft.
Next steps: sub groups will send any suggested edits to Gene and Cory by end of day Thursday, April 3rd
Gene and Cory will make any final edits and get the draft to Dave by April 10th for sending to PA DOE

Final Review Document

FINAL DRAFT OF ENDORSEMENT - edited by PDE and moving to next step 4-13-15

Useful Documents for Group Work

Our Template: Autism Spectrum Endorsement
This endorsement will serve as our model or template for creating our Theatre endorsement.

Theatre Education Certification Requirements in New Hampshire
This is a comprehensive list of competencies created by the NH Department of Education to guide coursework for a Theatre teaching certification. It may serve as a beginning space as we discuss our domains.

Arts Learning and Arts Engagement
A study of arts learning, arts engagement and state arts policy conducted in 2008 by the Rand Corporation.

Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development
by Richard J. Deasy

Critical Evidence, How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement
prepared by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies and the Arts Education Partnership

Arts Education for All Students: A Shared Endeavor

Roles of Certified Arts Educators, Certified Non-Arts Educators, & Providers of Supplemental Arts Instruction

Additional resources you may find to be of help:

Theatre Endorsement Example of Possible Coursework
A framework of potential courses prepared by Gene Frank.

CTE Theatre
A spreadsheet showing the skills and competencies for Theatre as outlined byCareer and Technical Education